THERE IS POWER IN REMAINING PURE AND KNOWING YOUR WORTH!A woman who has no clue of her value will never appreciate her worth.

Who Are We

Power&Purity is a worldwide movement for young ladies and women that provides sisterhood through support and encouragement while teaching the importance of value, worth and self-confidence. RaSheeda Mitchell (Founder) RaSheeda Mitchell is the Founder of Power & Purity, an organization for females that promotes healthy living and the power one…

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Our Mission

To reach and empower young ladies and women through all walks of life while encouraging them to find their identity and self-worth in Christ Jesus rather than seeking the world’s approval for it.

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Get Involved

We often get asked, “What’s the best way to help?” Our answer is simple: We need passionate people to spread Awareness about our organization. Start by following us on twitter, facebook, and instagram. Another way you can get involved is by sowing a monetary donation into the operation of Power &…

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Our mentors provide a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a young women in building their self-confidence and challenging them to discover and fulfill their potential. If  you have questions or would like more information regarding the mentorship program please email…

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"My experience with Power & Purity has been nothing shy of amazing. The youth group leaders, Mrs. RaSheeda and Ms. Pam are some of the most positively influential people that I know. It's hard to find someone who genuinely cares, but they do! The main focus of Power & Purity is to maintain and gain purity (mind, body and soul). I think that the ladies are doing a good job of helping myself and the rest of the girls do just that. During the meetings we begin by eating something delicious (that Mrs. RaSheeda and Ms. Pam come out of pocket for) and then our minds become enriched with what they have planned for us that day. Power & Purity is an absolutely amazing place to send your daughter in hopes of growing her into a fine young lady."

Parent Youth Member - Power and Purity

I love Power & Purity! I have been a part of it for almost a year. Every time I go I leave feeling better about myself. I love how Ms. RaSheeda and Ms. Pam take the time out to invest in us. They are very positive and give good advice to us. They talk to us about stuff that we may not feel comfortable talking to anyone else about. I never feel like they are judging my situation. I get to meet up with some of my friends who attend Power & Purity and I get to meet new people. We always eat, do fun things, laugh a lot and talk about real issues that teens go through. I would defiantly recommend Power & Purity to other teens. It has been a really good experience for me and I’m happy to be a part of it.

Youth Member - Power and Purity

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Special Events

Mother/Daughter Zumba Class (May, specific date TBA)     Power & Purity Annual Family Picnic (July, specific date TBA)     Community volunteer event (August, specific date TBA)


Meeting Dates

Power & Purity meets Every 2nd and 4th Friday, Time: 6-7:30pm please call Founder: RaSheeda Mitchell, at (810) 280-4242 for details


true love is worth waiting for

Every child is born with the name of their true love in the palm of their hand, but the marks on the palm of Elsa’s hand are broken and meaningless, and it must be kept secret.